Generalizedthermoelectric Thomson relationships


L.I.Anatychuk, O.J.Luste


Institute of Thermoelectricity, General PostOffice, Box 86, 58002, Ukraine


Thermoelectric Thomson relationships relating Seebeck,Peltier and Thomson coefficients have been generalized for anisotropicthermoelectric media in magnetic field with regard for possible Umkehr effect.From space-temporal symmetry on the properties of anisotropic media in magneticfield it has been shown that the first Thomson relationship relatinggeneralized Peltier coefficient P* to generalized Seebeck coefficient a* has the form of inequality

P* a*T

in contrast to Thomson formula P = aT for isotropic media.

Thesecond Thomson relationship for anisotropic thermoelectric materials inmagnetic field has been also generalized. It has been shown that therelationship between generalized Peltier coefficient P* andgeneralized Thomson coefficient t*is of the form


whence it follows that odd with respect to magnetic fieldThomson effect can arise in thermoelement material even in the case whenmaterial thermoelectric coefficient is temperature independent.