Spiral zone-inhomogeneousthermoelements


L.I. Anatychuk,O.J. Luste, V.R. Karaushu


Instituteof Thermoelectricity, General Post Office, Box 86, 58002, Ukraine



Basedon the methods of generalized theory of thermoelectric energy conversion a newtype of thermoelement utilizing eddy thermoelectric currents flowing inzone-inhomogeneous media has been designed. The distribution of eddy currentsin zone-inhomogeneous medium, conditions of their removal to external electriccircuit, as well as their construction on the basis of spiral structure havebeen studied. The values of eddy current removed to external circuit, electricvoltages, as well as thermoelement efficiency have been given. The advantagesof zone-inhomogeneous spiral thermoelements over conventional thermopiles havebeen given.