Particularly sensitive thermoelectric microcalorimeters with Eddythermoelements


L.I. Anatychuk., B.M. Demchuk, O.J. Luste


Instituteof Thermoelectricity, General Post Office, Box 86, 58002, Ukraine


Theresults of developing computer methods for design of microcalorimeters withultimate characteristics are presented. Construction of such microcalorimetersis described. The data on optimal reaction chambers, symmetrization units,thermal stabilization system is given. Special emphasis is given to design andmanufacture of eddy thermobatteries the operating principle of which is basedon the effect of  thermoEMForiginating transverse to thermal flow in anisotropic materials. Structuralvariants of the batteries and microcalorimeters with boundary sensitivityvalues 10-8W have been described. Description is given of theefficient use of microcalorimeters, including quality measurement ofthermoelectric materials.