Thermalstability of the thermoelements based on Bi2Te3-Sb2Te3with multi-layer coating obtained by technique of electron-beam evaporation andcondensation of metals in vacuum


S.M Manyakin., M.P Volkov., A.A.Sidorov


CRYSTALCo., LTD., 45 B Stantsionnaya str., Korolev, Moscow Region, Russia 141060


The influence oftemperature and time of thermal treatment on thermoelectrical parameters ofthermoelements of n- and p- type has been investigated. The thermoelements,based on solid state solutions of Bi2Te3-Sb2Te3with multi-layer coating deposited in vacuum by technique of electron-beamevaporation and condensation, were assembled into modules and were annealed inair at temperature of 90-1500C. The coating consists of threelayers: antidiffusion layer (molybdenum, etc.), connecting layer (nickel), andprotective layer (Sn-Bi alloy).

The composition andthickness of antidiffusion and connecting layers have the strongest influenceon thermal stability of the thermoelements.