Role of the silicon oxide in process of the formation of highermanganese silicide films


T.S. Kamilov1, A.A. Uzokov1,D.K. Kabilov1, S.V. Ordin2, V.V.

Klechkovskaya3, I.S. Zanaveskina3


1Tashkent StateAviation Institute, 700047, 12 Akhunbabaeva St.,Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

2A.F.IoffePhysico-Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences,

194021, 26 PolitekhnicheskayaSt., Saint Petersburg, Russia

3ShubnikovInstitute of crystallography, 117333, 59 Leninsky prosp., Moscow, Russia.


The analysis of the possibilities ofthermoelectric transducers film of the radiation were carried out. It is shownthat use of film higher manganese silicide (HMS), formed directly on siliconsubstrate, will allow to avoid the row constriction losses, will raise detectabilityand quick-action of receivers. It was investigated by us the possibility of the formation film HMS bydeposition of the vapors of manganese on silicon by method of diffusiondirectly on silicon substrate. We carried out the electronic -microscopic researches of films higher manganese silicide (HMS), formed directly on silicon substrates. It was given specialattention in the work to study of the influence of silicon oxide surfacelayer in process of the formation film HMS.

It is shown that vapors manganesedo not interact with SiO2. It is proved in process silicide formingdioxide silicon surface layer can serve as mask that enables use SiO2for shaping on substrate film thermo batteries. The considered possibility ofthe single-minded use appearing in volume HMS thin oxide layers for makinghetero structures, that possessing thermoelectrical properties.