Development of thermoelectric detectors on based higher manganese silicide (HMS) films


T.S. Kamilov1, A.A.Uzokov1, D.K. Kabilov1, S.V. Ordin2, V.V.Klechkovskaya3,

I.S. Zanaveskina3,R.A. Muminov4, B.N. Zaveryuhin4


1Tashkent StateAviation Institute, 700047, 12 Akhunbabaeva St.,Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

2A.F.IoffePhysico-Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences,

194021, 26 PolitekhnicheskayaSt., Saint Petersburg, Russia

3ShubnikovInstitute of crystallography, 117333, 59 Leninsky prosp., Moscow, Russia.

4PhysicalTechnical-Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Republic of Uzbekistan,

700084,2B Mavlyanova St., Tashkent, Uzbekistan.


It is known that HMS – MnSi1,71÷1,75is an anisotropic degenerative semiconductor and that it has high thermoelectricefficiency Z=0,7·10–3 K–1 in intervalT=400¸1000K. It is produced high effectivethermoelectric converters of it [1]. Besides, HMS has high chemical andradiation hardness.

At first in the world practice, we developed andcreated the technology of production of poly crystalline thin films MnSi1,71¸1,75on the silicon substrates. These MnSi1,71¸1,75films have better thermoelectric and photoelectric parameters than MnSi1,71¸1,75single crystals. We also created thermoelectric converters and Infra Reddetectors on basic MnSi1,71¸1,75films with thickness d=1¸20 mm.

The phase and structural analyses of MnSi1,71¸1,75films were carried out by X-ray reflection, electron diffraction andtransmission electron microscopy methods. The analyses demonstrated that theMnSi1,71¸1,75films have a polycrystalline columnar structure of crystallites. The growncrystallites have the normal orientation with respect to the Si-substrate.

The main parameters of MnSi1,71¸1,75thermoelectricconverters and MnSi1,71¸1,75IR-detectors were studied at T=400¸1000K. These devices are stable and have the conversion factor S=500¸100mV/W thecoefficient thermo electromotive force a=150¸250 mV/K and theresponse time t£106s at T=223¸1000K. It is notified that the technology of production of MnSi1,71¸1,75 films and MnSi1,71¸1,75 device is cheapand ecologic clear.

[1]           ZaitsevV K 1985 CRC Handbook of Thermoelectrics ed D.W. Row (New York-London: CRC Press) p 299