Preparation and characterization ofn-type Bi2Te3 thermoelectric nanowire array


Wei Wang 1, Qinghua Huang 1,Falong Jia1, Jianzhong Zhang 2


1Dept.of Applied Chem., School of Chem. Eng. and Tech., Tianjin University , Tianjin300072, P. R. China

2TianjinInstitute of Power Sources, Tianjin 300381, P. R. China


The figure of merit can be improved greatlythrough reducing the size of thermoelectric materials into low dimension, andthe studies on low dimensional thermoelectric materials have brought widely attentionin the world.  In our lab, N-typeBi2Te3 thermoelectric materials with nanowire arraystructure have been prepared by liquid electrodeposition in the solutionscontaining Bi+3 and HTe3-1 with alumina porousfilm as template. The electrochemical measurements show that the existence ofBi+3 in the solution can accelerate the electrodepositing rate ofTe. N-type Bi2Te3 thermoelectric materials can beelectrodeposited into the nano-pores of alumina template in a relatively widepotential range, and their thermoelectric performance are also different withthe change of electrodepositing potential. ESEM and TEM analyses show that thenanowires fill the nanopores of the template uniformly, and their diameter andlength are about 40nm and 50µm separately.