Peltiertemperature controlling box for test of circuit board


YaqingQi1, Zhihua Li2, Jianzhong Zhang1


1Tianjin Institute of Power Sources ,Tianjin 300381, China

2Department of Electronics , TianjinUniversity, Tianjin 300072, China


Peltier heat pump operates without noiseand pollution. It is a real green energy conversion device. Meanwhile, it canachieve precise temperature control. At present, Peltier heat pump has beenapplied to more and more products for civil use as well as for military application.The authors developed a Peltier temperature controlled box for test of circuitboard. It is a compact warmer and cooler with an exact temperature controlsystem. It used thermoelectric cooling modules for cooling and a thin filmheater for heating, and adopted SCM for temperature control. Its controlledtemperature range is -40+55℃,the temperature controlled precision is ±0.5. The paper introduces the design, configuration,temperature-control mode and the test results of the Peltier temperature controllingbox detailed.