Enhancement of energy useefficiency by simultaneous use of cooling and heating action in thermoelectricconversion


K. Sasaki, T. Shindoh, Y. Itoh


 Power & Industrial Systems R&D Center ToshibaCorporation, 1 Toshiba-cho, Fuchu-shi,

 Tokyo 183-8511, Japan


Wehave been developing some applications to maximize the energy use efficiency ofthermoelectric modules by using simultaneously both cooling and heatingcapacity of a thermoelectric module. The most important thing is their heatbudget and, which could be optimized by improving the thermal insulationmaterials and the device structure for heat release and by adjusting the numberof thermoelectric modules and their current-voltage conditions. Recently, weachieved more than 70% of total energy use efficiency in the electric-thermoconversion by our own approach. It also contributes to low-power-consumptiondriving of the device itself.

Thispaper describes the outlines of our devices under development and summarizesome technical key points to realize the solution of heat balance.