Thermoelectric cooling-heating unit forthermostatic body of pickup refrigerated trucks


L. Bulat1, V. Nekhoroshev2


1St. Petersburg State University ofRefrigeration and Food Engineering

Lomonosova St., 9, St. Petersburg 191002, Russia

2AO NPK NIIDAR, FirstBukharestskaya ul. 12/11, Moscow, 107258, Russia


Pickup refrigerated trucks are in wide usage in big cities fortransportation of food, medicine, flowers and other goods to restaurants,hospitals, small shops and so on. The volume of typically pickup thermostaticcontainers (bodies) equals to 3.0 – 3.5 m3. The vaporrefrigeration as a method for thermostatic control in pickup bodies isexpensive enough; it is also nonflexible in operation.

An applicability ofthermoelectric method for thermostatic control in pickup refrigerated trucksdiscussed in the present paper. The thermoelectric system has reversiveproperties; therefore it can keep the constant temperature (0 – +6) 0Call-the-year-round at the environment temperature (-40 – +30) 0C.The thermoelectric control is environmentally friendly; besides it is veryreliable and does not need any services.

We studied thetemperature balance in the thermostatic body of the pickup refrigerated truckVIS-2345 (VAZ-2105) taking into account all sources of heat. Taking intoaccount the studied temperature balance we suggested a possible technicalsolution of the thermoelectric cooling-heating unit for pickup with the coolingpower up to 450 W.