A computer tool for designingsolar-thermoelectric power generation system


N. Vatcharasathien1, J.Khedari1, J. Hirunlabh1, M. Daguenet2


1Building Scientific Research Center, KingMongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Bangmod, Tungkru, Bangkok

2Laboratoire deThermodynamique et Energétique, Université de Perpignan, France


This paper presents a computer tool to designsolar-thermoelectric power generation plant. The system is composed oftruncated compound parabolic collectors (CPC) with a flat receiver, flat platecollectors, thermoelectric modules and appropriate connecting pipes and controldevices. The design tool uses TRNSYS with IIsibat program with a new componentwe developed for the thermoelectric modules. The main input data of the systemare the specification of TE modules, hot side temperature of thermoelectricmodules, and the desired power output. Examples of the design using a truncatedcompound parabolic collectors and flat plate collectors are reported anddiscussed for various hot side temperature (100 – 200oC),slope angle and the half-acceptance angle of CPC. To minimize system cost,seasonal of adjustment of the slope angle between 0o and 30ocan give relatively high power output using Bangkok ambient condition. Based onsimulation output, 500W solar-thermoelectric power generator was installed.Measured data showed good satisfaction with the model outputs. Therefore, theTRNSYS software and the developed thermoelectric component offers an extremelypowerful tool for the design and performance analysis of solar thermoelectricpower generation plant.