Cylinder thermo-generatorelements


A.S. Ivanov, S.A. Varlamov


RIF Corporation, 17/2 Dorozhnaya Str.,394062 Voronezh, Russia


Cylinderthermo-elements with radial heat transfer well interface with tube parts of theheat exchangers which are mostly used in nuclear power and heat technology, inparticular, for the high power thermo-generators.

The advantageof tube-designed thermoelectric generators (TEG) consists in reducing heatlosses on the construction elements. In tube design these losses fall on faceelements. It is possible to gain higher volume or weight specific energyproperties in cylinder constructions by means of construction elements massreduction realizing heat mating of thermo-elements to the units of the heatsupply and discharge facilities. Cylinder construction of TEG in the form of atube heat exchanger enables to realize high electric isolation resistance.

Tubeconstruction thermo-batteries, as a rule, are ring-radial thermo-batterieswhich are assembled by putting together thermo-element legs in form of a ringsector commuted inside and outside of the cylinder. Using special technologyand commutation schemes as well as thermo-batteries constructions allowsobtaining high thermo-proof unit.