Theory, computer design and development of thermoelectric generatorswith catalytic heat sources


L.I.Anatychuk, Yu.I.Fedinchuk, V.Ya. Mikhailovsky, L.T. Strutinskaya


Instituteof Thermoelectricity, General Post Office, Box 86, 58002, Ukraine


Peculiarities of thermal physical processes in thermoelectricgenerators with catalytic heat sources have been considered. Physical models ofgenerators, their mathematical description, computer simulation and designmethods have been given. Based on the results obtained the basic ways tooptimize components that determine thermal and electric processes in generatorshave been found.

Concretevariants of thermoelectric generators with catalytic heat sources utilizingvarious methods of fuel and air delivery to fixed catalyst bed have beenconsidered. Characteristics of thermoelectric generators and rational areas oftheir application have been given.