Theeffect of fullerite on the thermoelectric properties of n-type SixGe1-x


Gui-YingXu, Si-Tong Nui, Li-Li Zhang, Cgang-Chun Ge, Ting-Jie Chen


Laboratoryof Special Ceramics and Powder Metallurgy, School of Material Science andEngineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing, 100083, Beijing,China


It has beenfound that the addition of fullerite can increase the thermoelectric propertiesof SixGe1-x used for higher temperature as thermoelectricgenerator. Here different amount of fullerite as hollow quantum dot was addedinto SixGe1-x. The samples were fabricated by HotPressing method. The relations about thermoelectric properties and the additionof fullerite or nanometer carbon tube and the microstructure were investigatedin detail by normal measurement or analytical methods.