Atexture formation of material based on compounds A2VB B3VIBduring the growing process of crystals with assigned geometry by Bridgmantechnique


Yu.M.Belov, N.A. Shvarev


CrystalLtd., Stantsionnaya Str. 45B, Korolev, Moscow region, Russia


The analysis oftexture formation of material based on bismuth-telluride compounds and obtainedby Bridgman technique of crystallization has been carried out. Thecrystallization has been realized in narrow rectangular slot of specialheat-conducting molding die, without a seed.

The influence of crystallization’s conditions onpolycrystal’ texture formation process has been defined. Variationparameters of growth permits making crystals of assigned structure.

The influence of several factors ontexture of being crystallized material has been shown:

                               speedof crystallization;

                               temperaturegradient at crystallization front;

                               shapeof crystallization front;

                               compositionof being crystallized material;


The operation of texture formationof the material is important during the obtaining of crystals with highthermoelectric and mechanical properties because the properties of solid state solutionsbased on bismuth-telluride are strongly anisotropic.