Doping with organic halogen-containing compounds the Bi2Te3-Bi2Se3 solid solutions

O.B.Sokolov, S.Ya.Skipidarov, N.I.Duvankov

Nord Specialized Design-Technological Bureau, Moscow, Russia

Presently, Bi2(Te, Se)3 solid solutions used as an n-type legs for thermoelectric devices, are doped with inorganic halogen-containing compounds. However, most of these compounds are liable to dissociation when exposed to light, they are hygroscopic and tend to electrization when poured from one place to another. These factors often give rise to wrong dosing of dopants in conditions of commercial production. This paper describes opportunities for doping of Bi2(Te,Se)3 solid solutions with organic halogen-containing compounds. For practical application it is proposed to use hexachlorethane (C2Cl6), hexachlorbenzol (C6Cl6), dibrombenzol (C6H4Br2), hexabrombenzol (C6Br6) and iodoform (CHI3). The advantages of the latter are shown as compared to inorganic halogen-containing compounds.